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Our leaders are not masters of everything. They are a group of people, who are very good at each of their field and willing to come together to form a greater force. Their trackrecords consistently proves that they always break the norms and pull-off the imposible.

Jerry Ng

He's basically the Yoda of our team. A strategic and forward thinking leader. Although, unlike Yoda, he could actually run. Around the world. Literally. He is a maverick, who knows every limits and boundaries, but doesn't always obey them. He has built multiple banking businesses, including the first digital bank in Indonesia.

Puneet Jain

If our Jakarta Hub's Master loves playing virtual games, our Pune Hub's Master, Puneet, prefers to keep the game raw on the field by playing cricket and badminton. For over 16 years, Puneet has hold a variety of positions in tech companies, from engineers, scrum master, project manager and everything in between, making him the perfect Jedi Master to lead our Indian force.

Amit Kumar

A tech head all around, and an avid team player. Amit has over 17 years of experience in tech consulting and pretty much our tech compass. He tends to radically change the game in order to improve. Because when one touches something, one has to improve it. That's his creed.

Vincentius Ivan

Vincentius Ivan has been in the game since 1997 literally and figuratively. A very creative problem solver, with multi-tasking capabilities like no other, which comes handy when it comes to killing monsters in Final Fantasy and solving engineering problems in real life. Ivan currently leads our Jakarta Engineering Hub, which makes him the Jedi Master of all of our Jedi Knights and Young Padawans.


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