Who We Are

At DKatalis, we move forward by stimulating and, ultimately, catalyzing growth. To be a catalyst is to be the determinant of change. That's the spirit that we apply to our work culture, that each person—every katalis—has a share in every change they make, be it for the world, or for themselves.

DKatalis is collaborating from three hubs around Southeast Asia (Jakarta, Singapore and Pune). Our team is led by people with extensive experience in their industries, a willingness to break the norms and try something new.

The Leaders

Our leaders are not masters of everything. They are a group of people who are exceptional in their own fields and willing to come together to form a greater force. Their track records consistently proves that they always break the norms and pull off the impossible.

Our Values


Our perspective for work and solutions is inspired directly from the fulfillment of life.

Purposeful Growth

We enhance growth by passionately building ourselves through self-discovery and self-mastery.

Fearless Creativity

We go against the current by productively challenging normativity and invent creative solutions.

Empowered Agility

We strive to adapt to changes quickly, and make decisions fast.



Publicly introduced
as DKatalis


Grew into 200 engineers
across 3 hubs in SE Asia


Launched AMAAN digital application
and reached 700K downloads 

Launched Jago App and
reached 3M downloads


HR Asia
Best Companies to Work for
in Asia Winner 2022

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